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Strona główna Praca Production Support Engineer-SEPURA

Production Support Engineer-SEPURA

Production Support Engineer


Description of Job:

* To provide first class electrical / electronic design support, supplier quality, production engineering and new product introduction support throughout the product lifecycle including value engineering and component obsolescence.

* To carefully specify, supervise and review new design work carried out by external design teams.

Electrical/Electronic Support

To provide first class development support for the Electrical / electronic aspects of products. Particularly that:

* EE related issues seen in production, repair, in Development, or by customers are analytically and systematically addressed.

* Improve SMA performance within CM, by DFM and process improvement/ redesign.

* Effective solutions are found in the most efficient manner possible considering time, cost and quality.

* Solutions are well reviewed and documented and communicated to those affected.

* Effective use is made of available statistical data (such as POMACS, yield data) to better understand and analyse the seriousness of particular issues.

Supplier Quality

* To help with the process of parts supplier selection.

* To liaise with suppliers to ensure they fully understand the requirements for new parts and that they have the capability to produce these to the required quality and to the right cost targets.

* To provide suppliers with rapid feedback on quality issues and, unless otherwise agreed with our subcontract manufacturers, to provide „first-off” reports on new parts as required in a timely way.

* To keep analytical and statistical data on the quality of parts from each supplier.

* To work with our sub-contract manufacturers to ensure supplier quality issues are dealt with smoothly and efficiently.

New Product Introduction (NPI) Support

To provide our sub-contract manufacturers with the technical support they require ensuring smooth introduction of our designs into volume production. This includes:

* Help with the development / approval of new processes.

* Collection of analytical and statistical data from production proto-runs and main production runs so that the design, assembly processes and quality may be further improved.

* Help with the construction of test fixtures so that critical parts can be tested as being „fit for purpose”.

Budgetary/ Financial Responsibilities

* Providing help in obtaining quotations for EE parts and process fixtures.

* Helping with project cost and BOM estimates.

* Helping with departmental budget estimation.

* Minimising product, NRE and tooling costs.

* Help with estimation of NPI costs.

* Help with estimation of production jigs and fixtures costs.

Qualifications, experience, attributes:

* A good team worker able to contribute to the group in variety of situations providing support to other team members.

* A degree or equivalent experience, preferably with >10 years experience in the field of electronic manufacturing ideally in a telecommunications environment or in consumer product.

* A minimum 5 years experience working with PCB design teams.

* Experience with dealing with sub contract manufacturing in multiple geographies.

* Understanding of the requirements for modern high volume production environments.

* Experience in the use of gerber viewing tools such as GCPrevu, Valar viewer, Cam 350 or Fab300 for reviewing ODB & Gerber files.

* Hands on experience of SMT assembly techniques and relevant international standards (IPC/ JEDEC).

* Good understanding of PCB fabrication process.

* Good interpersonal skills with a „can do, will do” attitude.

* Ability to travel extensively (up to twice a month overseas)

If you would like to apply for this role please send your CV to



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