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10 years of TETRA in Poland.

Someone who first comes into contact with TETRA standard, might think that this is a new exotic technology, the only object of desire, not a mature developed current standard of radio communications present in the Polish ether for 10 years!

The first TETRA contract for the implementation of TETRA was signed in 1999 by the Warsaw Metropolitan Police. In year  2000 implementation of various system components including the radio communication module has been started. Since thise pioneering implementation TETRA installations has begun in various parts of Poland.

TETRA for a decade in the Police.

At Metropolitan Police, TETRA is an integral part of the Command and Control System (C&C – see photo above). By enabling individual and group communication, location of vehicles based on GPS modules and access to numerous databases (for example SSN, CEPiK, KSIP) TETRA is helping to achieve the biggest benefits from the system. Warsaw Municipal Police also participates in this network.


C&C systems have been operating in the Police Headquarters in Krakow, Lodz and Szczecin since 2001. In early 2003  another system located at the High Police School was launched and TETRA is a core element of the whole Command & Control System. However this system is not only used for training purposes, but is also for daily work by the local police as well.

TETRA for transportation and logistics.

The Gdansk Institute of Urban Transport is proud of having the first civil TETRA system, which has been implemented in 2001. Originally the system consisted of a single base station. Later on system has been expanded with another BTS has been added increasing capacity and coverage of the whole network. In 2004 it became possible to locate Bus vehicle in real time by integrating GPS receiver with TETRA.

Another implementation was held in Wroclaw in 2003. TETRA improves daily functioning of the public transport in the City Public Transportation company. Wroclaw digital trunking is used a City Guard, FireGuard, Medical Rescue and the city authorities.

Polish Shipping also took advantage of TETRA systems. In 2007 two independent TETRA systems were installed in the areas of container terminal DCT Gdansk (part of the Port Management) and GCT (Gdynia Container Terminal) in Gdynia.

In 2008 Naval Training Center in Ustka also chose a reliable TETRA, where the system became an integral part of the simulator training games.  „In addition to the base station in the system we have co-operating items – portable, mobile(car) terminals and the Dispatcher Console with connectivity and visualization applications. „* -said commander Dariusz Klowskowski, lecturer of the Training Center.

TETRA at the airport.

Beside public services, transport and logistics also aviation (both civil and military) think about TETRA as a prospective and future proof solution. Evidence of this is the year 2007, which abounded in the implementation of the military airports in the towns of Lask, Powidz and Krzesiny. Civil aviation is also not lagging behind. International Airport in Pyrzowice has purchased TETRA system in 2008 and uses it for daily coordination of work on the airport. Also Airport Szczecin-Goleniów has its own system, and Wroclaw Airport Starachowice uses TETRA installation from MPK Wroclaw.

TETRA in Army.Tetra_w_wojsku_small

Polish Air Forces (7 TETRA base stations), Special Units of the Military Police in Minsk Mazowiecki, Wroclaw and Gliwice and the Battalion Command in Srem belong to the group of users of TETRA systems. In addition, TETRA has become the primary means of communications for the Polish Military Contingent in Iraq, 2002. Adding to the number of mobile systems purchased by Polish Army, it appears that the military has a fairly sizeable number of systems, and adopting just TETRA as the primary means of communication was definitely not accidental.


All the above shows clearly that although the popularity of TETRA in Poland is large, a wide range of customers demonstrates the flexibility and reliability in spite of everything in terms of use and number of installed systems, Poland differs substantially from the rest of Europe. Please note that the pioneering implementation was realized in the years when the technology was not the cheapest. Now, thanks to the continuing growth of its open standards and prices, infrastructure and terminals have become very competitive for large analogue systems. TETRA systems used in Poland prove interoperability of terminals from different vendors. More and more companies decide to purchase a small but fully functional compact systems that are offered by at least a few suppliers.


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